De la înființare ACEX a organizat in cooperare cu partenerii săi o serie de evenimente care au vizat transferul de cunoștințe către exportatori pentru cunoașterea si pătrunderea pe anumite piețe ținta, pentru dezvoltarea de clustere de export, pentru inovare , pentru realizarea de consorții de export, pentru dezvoltarea centrelor regionale de export de la Bacău, Ploiești, București si altele.

GROW GLOBAL FROM ROMANIA – November 16, 2021

2020/21: Challenging Years for Business Leaders

The cost and complexity of building and growing a business internationally during the pandemic has increased for many business leaders. According to The Board of Innovation, there were clear winners during the pandemic. These were typically companies able to switch the Low Touch Economy. In most cases, tech companies benefited from low reliance on the physical world and with their scalable, digital- based business models.

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Cracking the e-commerce code! Learn some facts about the Romanian B2B market and about the DigitalCommerce Canvas – organized by CustomSoft – October 12, 2021 15.00

About the event

Some B2B companies are slow to adopt e-commerce, they are stuck in their old ways. Despite this, the e-commerce sector’s growth has been spectacular, especially in 2020, and continued to rise steadily in 2021. Customer expectations have changed by now, which is an incentive for companies to adapt. As we look towards the future, and to the fact that there is a massive influx of prospective clients online, the B2B ecommerce growth can help smart companies boost sales. It seems like it’s a fact: nowadays, you must be present online. We want to help companies grow, so we thought the best way is to share some of our knowledge, therefore we created the “Cracking the e-commerce code” webinar. Our webinar will show you how technology impacts the B2B environment and how you can use it to your advantage. It will help you understand how to effectively leverage the high-potential of the e-commerce market, especially in the B2B environment.

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WALLACHIAN HERITAGE – 21 septembrie 2020, ora 10:00

Wallachian Heritage este o platformă de discuții și dezbateri privind modalitatea de lucru a unui cluster având ca obiectiv dezvoltarea și păstrarea patrimoniului cultural al regiunii pe baza unor bune practici la nivel european.TEMATICĂ EVENIMENT

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ÎNTÂLNIRE DE LUCRU WALLACHIA HUB – 28 august 2020, ora 10:30 –

Hub-urile digitale vor deveni centre pentru transformare digitală la nivel național și european. Acestea, vor trece printr-un proces de selecționare națională și europeană. Întrucât, Consorțiul Wallachia Hub a pus bazele Centrului de transformare digitală Wallachia eHub și recent Autoritatea de Digitalizare a României a lansat un apel de selecție pentru astfel de hub-uri, vă invităm la o ședință, pe platforma GoToMeeting, în data de 28 august 2020, la ora 10:30, pentru a ne pune de acord privind obiectivele, serviciile și planul de afaceri al Wallachia eHub în vederea depunerii proiectului.

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  • Oportunități oferite de managementul patrimoniului național pentru industria mobilei și materialelor de construcții. Bune practici în Italia, regiunea Veneto – Adriana Iuliana Vleju, reprezentant Venetian Cluster.
  • Condiții de organizare ale unei misiuni virtuale în Emiratele Arabe Unite.
  • Evoluții în plan european ale politicii de cluster – Costin Lianu, reprezentant Clustero.
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Export and digitalization in the furniture industry How you can develop your business abroad in a more digital world? 25 June 2020, 11:00

Digital transformation becomes a mandatory requirement for the development of any company. The current conditions of social distancing, by modifying the forms of human interaction for the protection of health, will accelerate the digitization processes. Organizations of all sizes need to adapt quickly to new changes in order to stay competitive on the market. The fast adoption of new technologies within an organization will improve its long-term performance. The digital transformation does not only refer to the understanding of technology itself, but also to the fusion between technology and the human factor, respectively to managerial training and the development of new skills for employees at the workplace.

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