About the event

Some B2B companies are slow to adopt e-commerce, they are stuck in their old ways. Despite this, the e-commerce sector’s growth has been spectacular, especially in 2020, and continued to rise steadily in 2021. Customer expectations have changed by now, which is an incentive for companies to adapt. As we look towards the future, and to the fact that there is a massive influx of prospective clients online, the B2B ecommerce growth can help smart companies boost sales. It seems like it’s a fact: nowadays, you must be present online. We want to help companies grow, so we thought the best way is to share some of our knowledge, therefore we created the “Cracking the e-commerce code” webinar. Our webinar will show you how technology impacts the B2B environment and how you can use it to your advantage. It will help you understand how to effectively leverage the high-potential of the e-commerce market, especially in the B2B environment.

Meet our speakers

Octavian Dumitrescu, CEO & Founder of CustomSoft, is a skillful entrepreneur that has over 15 years of e-commerce experience. CustomSoft designs & delivers iconic experiences and digital products for a new generation of customers. Combining the enthusiasm, perspective and creativity of the team with best practice delivery capability, CustomSoft helps our clients to satisfy audience needs and surpass business goals – more than 8 years of UI, UX and e-commerce funnel optimization

Michael Vax has many years of experience on the e-commerce market, where he helped develop highly scalable web applications. His multidisciplinary experience includes working as a CTO for Elasticpath, Head of Product Management for SAP, VP Product for Spryker, CEO of Luxoft Canada, CTO of WebInterpret, and Vice President engineering of Partnerpedia. For more than 20 years, he has been leading the development of innovative internet systems, focusing on omnichannel e-commerce solutions for a variety of industries

For event and registration information go to https://www.customsoft.io/cracking-the-e-commerce-code/