We are pleased to host Shingo Takahashi, Professor of Economics at Hyogo University in Kobe, Japan. His research focuses on personnel economics, a branch of economics that examines the internal labor market within a company. In this presentation, he uses a dataset from a cooperative banks to discuss the extent to which the differences in the ability of middle managers explain the between-branch differences in productivity. He will show that ability of middle manager quality does explain the between-branch productivity differences, but their contribution to their branches  are not immediately rewarded for their contribution in terms of salary. He will show, however, that middle managers are reward for their contribution in terms of better branch assignments.

TOPIC:Productive managers, productive branches, and the rewards. Evidence from the  cooperative banks in Sri Lanka

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We are also pleased to host Ana Maria Takahashi, Professor of Economics at Kyoto University of Foreign Studies in Japan. One of her current research projects is on immigration issues, in particular the impact of immigration policies towards natives’ attitudes towards immigrants.

TOPIC:Does economic self-interest determine public attitudes toward immigrants? An econometric case study in Japan

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Organizers invite academics, researchers, and the public to join the talk. The talk is relevant for the Romanian society, since the topic can be more in-depth analyzed in Romania as well, and thus we encourage the participants to join the presentation and the debate that will follow. The guest will be hosted by Wallachia Hub innovation ecosystem and is reachable to academics from both Spiru Haret University and Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiești that are members of the hub, main co-organizers, and by attendees from members and nonmembers of the hub.

The event has a hybrid format, physically at UPG Ploiești, Council Room, and Online at

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88277445417?pwd=NlhMOG9pR2VZZEVqd0dZVGJqNkcyQT09  Meeting ID: 882 7744 5417, Passcode: 880667

For more information you can contact us email office@ushprobusiness.ro