Digital transformation becomes a mandatory requirement for the development of any company. The current conditions of social distancing, by modifying the forms of human interaction for the protection of health, will accelerate the digitization processes. Organizations of all sizes need to adapt quickly to new changes in order to stay competitive on the market. The fast adoption of new technologies within an organization will improve its long-term performance. The digital transformation does not only refer to the understanding of technology itself, but also to the fusion between technology and the human factor, respectively to managerial training and the development of new skills for employees at the workplace.

Speakers and Subjects

       Mr. Năfureanu Gabriel, President of Danube Furniture Cluster
    Presentation of  Danube Furniture Cluster;
       Mr. Lianu Costin, General Manager of USH Pro Business
    What are the immediate needs of cluster members?
Mrs. Juliana Teixeira , Consultant  Market Access
    Brief digital context;
    How to develop commercial leads and interact with clients;
    How to prepare an effective online pitch and presentation;
    Q&A.

When will it take place?
The event will take place on June 25, 2020, at 11.00, online on the GoToMeeting application. To attend the meeting, use the link:
For confirmation of participation and additional information you can contact us by phone:
0740.521.967 or by email: .

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